The People Factor

Population Growth,
and Human Well-Being

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Focused on human psychological well-being, THE PEOPLE FACTOR explores human population growth based on a single positive message; lives lived with opportunity and choice from birth until death - regardless of gender, ethnicity, belief, geographic location, age or economic status - is critical for individual and collective human welfare, environmental health and stable economies.

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Thank you for joining us on THE PEOPLE FACTOR website. As you look over the project, you may wonder, why spend so much time and energy on a subject that most people don't ever think about? Or, if they do, end up feeling demoralized by data and marginalized for thinking that too many people on the planet could be an issue? Well, to be honest, I've wondered that myself! But, as with so many people, when I begin to wonder "Why?" I go back to my roots - growing up on a small farm in Western Oregon.

On the farm, it was always easy to see when natural systems got out of balance. Our fields become overpopulated with mice or coyotes, blackberries or tansy. Too many of one or two species caused all sorts of natural and economic woes until a mixture of my dad and nature stepped in and brought things back into balance. Sometimes it was weather, sometimes a disease but most of the time just plain depletion of the food and water (and money) necessary for the species to thrive in great numbers.

So, when I read the news or look at so many of the issues that really impact our happiness and well-being, I can't help but wonder - does an ever-growing human population play a role in humans meeting their needs? Yes, I know that we've developed far past the capacity of other species to manipulate nature to support our physical needs, so population numbers shouldn't be an issue. But what about our deeper, intangible needs? Love, acceptance, courage, pride and self-worth. Our ability to find a job, afford the things that allow us to feel and be accepted socially, be healthy enough to participate and not be pushed aside because of our age?

I'm convinced there's an undiscovered link between population growth and the modern issues that keep people from truly being happy. That's why I'm making this film series. The last four years of project development have been fraught with amazing leads to follow, brick walls to hit into (sometimes at full speed) and a plethora of opinions and viewpoints, often diametrically opposed! Through it all shine the people that I've met. The professionals who so generously give their time and expertise (see clips from their interviews on the sidebar). The everyday Americans who share their stories of place, belief and hope. And the immigrants and refugees who boldly share their often painful journeys.

Now, I'm ready to hit the road. I don't anticipate making a film that has all the answers. Probably won't have any. But, if it inspires questions and creates discussion, then I'll feel that I've succeeded. Population growth isn't numbers or data. It's people. People in all their weird, wonderful, creative, opinionated, frustrating, beautiful glory. It's people having the choice and the opportunity to meet their deepest needs and thrive. It's people connecting with place, with home, with themselves and with the natural systems that unite us all. Please join me in this adventure!

Jane Turville — July 1, 2017